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AV EcoSystem Review Back to MSAccess

Jan 20


Another week, and I need to switch back to the APSoc project and its continuing development on MSAccess. I did manage to complete the new Premium-Subscription data model update in WebSiteOne last week, but I did not manage to update all the data...

AV EcoSystem Review Sorting and Reporting

Jan 18


Didn’t complete the AV report yesterday, or deploy the new premium model code. All booked up with exciting Premium F2F sessions, and this morning I had to spend an hour catching up with emails for various possible gigs to cover what the charity work...

AV EcoSystem Review Monthly Reporting

Jan 17

monthly reporting

So I’ve got in my PR for updating the premium/sponsor model to have the system maintain records of the different subscriptions a user has over time. The PR is green and there is at least one refactorings that could be done, but I think I sensibly...

AV EcoSystem Review Damned JavaScript Acceptance Tests

Jan 16

acceptance tests

So the APSoc client has approved the MSAccess alpha and the new timescale, so I can spend a week on the AV website and the rest of the ecosystem. I made some progress with the Premium/Sponsor domain upgrade yesterday, and I suspect I have everything...

AV EcoSystem Review Getting Back on Track

Jan 15


I’m a bit of a wreck this morning. I didn’t sleep well - woke up at 4am brain full of kids football. I did write down a new drill for training (I coach 7aside soccer for nine year olds) and then listened to standup comedy on audio for 2 hours to...

AV EcoSystem Review Starting Over

Jan 12

starting over

Yesterday I sent the APSoc client the following email:

So I think we need to make some decisions about how to proceed.

At the moment we are thinking that the best alternatives are to either go with MS Access, or with Zoho Creator. Using the XLSX...

AV EcoSystem Review Painful Decisions

Jan 11

hardest thing and the right thing

The APSoc has responded calmly to the email I sent about the problems with LibreOffice Base. Here’s what I sent:

Thanks for this.

That’s disturbing to hear that you’re experiencing lock up. We have been experiencing that too, but only with the...

AV EcoSystem Review Damn Estimates

Jan 10


So I had an email from the APSoc client yesterday evening:

Thanks for Beta 3. I’ve started having a look at this but not got far. However some initial feedback …


  1. Whenever try to do any updates to a table, or use the wizard to set up...

AV EcoSystem Review Distracted By The Real Thing

Jan 9


Ironically after getting more sleep last night I feel groggier this morning. Sunday night I couldn’t sleep re-hashing my 9-year old twins lost football (soccer) match (I’m the coach). Don’t want to be strung out thinking about it, but I am, pretty...

AV EcoSystem Review Tight Corner

Jan 8

tight corner

So my estimates were all wrong. I had hoped to complete the membership database beta for APSoc in two mornings last week, and then be able to move back to things that were arguably more core AV ecosystem. The task itself was no harder than expected...

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