AV EcoSystem Review Beta Release Deadline

5 Jan 2018


Okay, so I’m up against the deadline for the beta release of the APSoc membership database. The timeline I gave them at the beginning of the project was:

  • by Dec 8th - screenshots of membership database interface for you to approve
  • by Dec 15th - alpha version of membership database for you to approve
  • by Jan 5th - beta version of membership database adjusted as per feedback
  • by Jan 31st - release version of membership database adjusted as per feedback, including full migration

I managed to avoid losing any work yesterday, let’s see if we can do the same today with appropriate dropbox backups. What I need to do now is work through their list of fixes again, re-fixing the stuff I lost from Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fixes (membership form)

  • Bring all text entry fields to front and labels to back
  • Delete junk at bottom of form
  • start renaming the elements that still have default names

And already I’ve got the spinning beachball - okay - time to move to the PC - I duplicate the latest system and add a “-pc” tag on it, but it’s reporting as a corrupted file and I can’t open it on the PC. A little dance and I restore the previous version from dropbox and get it opened on the PC. Tense moments.

Fixes (membership form) (cont. on PC)

  • swapped NL and NML checkboxes

and after merely 60 seconds of normal function on the PC the software has locked up again. Gosh, am I going to have to tell the client that we’ll have to switch to Microsoft Access …? I had another go with the recovered version on Mac, and I used the advice in this post to increase the amount of memory being made available to the LibreOffice on Mac, and I’ve made some progress, finishing up the tab sequence changes on the membership form, and now putting through a series of changes to the Subscription Payment form. I’ve saved and backed those up, but now onto the Gift Aid form, where a series of small formatting changes leads the system to lock up again!

by Sam Joseph