AV EcoSystem Review Recording Help Videos

15 Dec 2017

camera recording

So I must be several weeks (months even?) and several layers of procrastination out from actually reviewing the AV ecosystem, since I’m pretty much using my blogging time to get focused work done on client projects and our main website project management. It’s all still part of the AV ecosystem of course. The client projects I’m working with are clients of AgileVentures, as is, naturally, the main website. My days are full of mobs and f2f pairings, again all part of the AV ecosystem. One day, one day, I’ll get back to the big picture.

In the meantime the Anthony Powell Society client is apparently pretty happy with the screenshots of the forms for their membership database. I did say we’d have an alpha version of their system ready for them today, but I’m reasonably confident I can make a few tweaks and get that done later today. What I really haven’t got done yet is the help videos for the NHS wiki, which really needs to get done, so I’m going to switch to that in my blog time this morning. I was trying to get it done last night, but quicktime kept crashing. I did manage to get my computer re-booted, so let’s have another go and drive through them. My plan is to make draft videos off the cuff (more or less) and then take the transcript and use it via auto-prompt to make them sound a bit more professional. I don’t think I, or the backdrop of my home office, look good enough at the moment (maybe after Xmas), so I’ll not do any in picture video of my talking head this time around.

Here’s the first one:

And then I went on to record another six of varying quality, but at least we have something done. These can individually be re-recorded to improve them. I’ve created a playlist for those:

And also managed to get a last round of changes to the APSoc database and send them an alpha version before scrum, so I’m making some progress today. Really need to get the reports sorted too … back to the grindstone.

by Sam Joseph