AV EcoSystem Review LibreOffice Locking Up

14 Dec 2017


Creating the new forms on the PC seems to be leading to lots of LibreOffice locking up …, and now in the process of trying to transfer it back to the Mac I seem to have lost two days worth of work, argh! I had set the PC system on auto-save to every one minute … something about using dropbox? I can review all the past versions on dropbox, but none of them have the work from yesterday. Somehow whatever I did yesterday didn’t get saved to dropbox. Frustrating. At least I still have the knowledge of how to get things done. Practice run I guess. I’m not sure if the locking up and crashing is due to basic instability in the software or my overall approach of copy and paste. I can’t bear re-creating items from scratch, particularly when I have to then re-set all the fonts individually. Alright here we go again … so new devops feature, create a cold backup at the end of each day.

So I’m back on the mac where things are running a bit more smoothly - maybe developing out of dropbox was a bad idea. Things running okay at the moment, allowing me to get a screen shot of the subscription payment screen:

Now on to where I got in trouble on the PC. Copying the subscription payment form to make the GiftAid and StandingOrder forms. This time around I recreate the table element from scratch and it is pretty smooth:

Now, on to standing order details:

Okay, I think I might have done it and I now have mockups to show to the client … no point tweaking them till we hear all that they want updated.

by Sam Joseph