AV EcoSystem Review Paid Project on Schedule

8 Dec 2017

project management

So I’ve told the APSoc that I’d send them mockups of the interfaces today. I’m getting used to LibreOffice, e.g. leave the control panel open to more easily edit labels etc. It’s still painfully slow, and I’ve now realised that to speed up I need to keep the control panel closed when I want to move things around. The copy and paste seems to work only intermittently, but I’m getting there …

A few more crashes, and I had the above. Haven’t managed to get all the different interfaces setup, but I realised that each of them was basically a clone of the first with some different sub forms, so better get the first one completed before moving on. I need to get the checkboxes functioning, and see if there’s a way to make the dropdowns choose only unique items when we’re offering options.

I’ve also ordered a new HDMI cable which should allow me to use my Windows PC for development. Given that the clients will be working on Windows, it would be good to be testing there, and I wonder if actually LibreOffice might work more consistenly there. It would be a big step forward if the copy and paste would work on Windows …

by Sam Joseph