AV EcoSystem Review No Good Choices

4 Dec 2017

Urgh, so I’ve got a mild cold, but I desparately want to clear up and fix a few things with the Slack notifications. Also the Google login and signup is broken. However in addition I think I must use my morning blogs this week to work on the Anthony Powell Society database that we just got the contract for. Of course between the cold and rebooting my computer and getting distracted by Slack I’m now out of time for really getting anything done before the WebDev Mob. I guess maybe the thing to do is cancel the other meetings later in the day.

I’m really not sure what the right choice is. Maybe I should just be sleeping the whole day … I guess I’ll at least start by opening LibreOffice Base …, although the LibreOffice starts up with a document rather than a database. I’m going to need to remember how to run the Base software itself. Ah, okay, it looks like it is all one package. I think LibreOffice accidentally opened a text file and so re-started in document mode. Now restarting it I get a view of the recent files that includes the charity database components I was testing beforehand:

Opening libre-test.odb I get the familiar database design interfaces and the sample form I created for the membership database:

What we want it to look like is something like this:

Which is how the AP folks have their current Lotus Approach set up. It would be nice to have a set of specific user stories, where I can ensure each one works. I think I can infer the user stories from the forms and what the secretary showed me previously. I could probably triple or quadruple the whole time spent on the system trying to set up some kind of automated acceptance testing … although I have found a related blog on the subject:


but now it’s time for the webdev mob …

by Sam Joseph