AV EcoSystem Review Completing Reports

21 Nov 2017


Reports almost completed, just trying to summarise where we are with all the different Premium members. Trying also to reach out to check in with each of them. I was doing that weekly but have fallen behind. I’ve configured Stripe to ping a #mentor-notifications channel whenever we get a payment. I try to thank each member individually. Paypal sends me an email, and we don’t have any reminder system for those who’ve been block sponsored by bootcamps so I particularly fall behind on those checkins :-(

Working through the Stripe notifications in #mentors-notifications involves me being in Slack and so I get distracted by Slack, although this morning I am getting distracted by answering questions to Premium members, and even looking at requests for upgrades, so that’s pretty good.

Here’s the executive summary of the finally finished report:

Not such a great month, in that we lost our main corporate sponsor. We did gain a new one, but they are offering services in kind rather than cash. The couple of Premium member cancellations were balanced by sponsored members taking over payment of their memberships.

Sam started new mobs and ran many free trial F2F sessions which are looking like they might make for a nice set of upgrades and new members next month. We shall have to wait and see.

We rolled out video embeds for the NHS project and are still negotiating with the literary society over their web and database project.

I keep meaning to move all the data on Premiums into some coherent form and also to reach out to members consistenly to let them know about our new offerings. This month I’ve just been in a scramble to make sure I reach out to everyone. I’m going to try and keep the report template for the next month open and make updates to it as they come in. I’m reticent to start recording all our data about Premium members in AgileCRM. It says we’d need to pay for automation. I’m tempted to start putting notes into a spreadsheet - or should all the data be being stored in WebSiteOne? We’re starting to improve the model there, with work from Michael and Marian; and me updating the data itself.

I think the key use case for AgileCRM, or any system for showing status on Premiums, is to allow mentors such as Lara and Federico to be able to get a bit more background on the different people they’re talking to. There are privacy concerns with all this personal data. Maybe we need some Mentors Convenant that would be agreed to before we give new mentors access to all the data on the mentees …

by Sam Joseph