AV EcoSystem Review Tweaking Getting Started

16 Oct 2017

Busy weekend and errands this morning mean I’m late to the blogface again, but perhaps that’s a good excuse to just focus on tweaking the “Getting Started” page, rather than building a middleman site as a performant home page replacement. I start with the initial “Getting Started” page where I remove some inactive projects and add some new ones. I see that over the weekend Federico has edited the same page, to add an animation of the flow about how to get started saying hello in Slack, which is great. There’s also a color scheme change. I go in and make my project edits.

I was going to add a screenshot of the welcome process, but as I look carefully I see Federico is actually copy/pasting from the precise text in the page. Text I was hoping to remove and replace with an image to make the whole thing less wordy … hmm, I put back the text I removed and remove the image:

I’ve updated the projects to include Y and peer power:

And I leave it at that. I go on to step 2, and think it seems odd not to be using hyperlinks on all these terms that are being described here:

I mean, maybe we shouldn’t hyperlink off our site here, but people can use the back button and this should be a resource that can allow folks to get more information. All the more reason we should store progress through the getting-started track I guess.

I add optional to the hyperlink to step 7 (since that is optionally starting your own project), and leave it at that. I recall that Will was saying that the “listen in” phrase in the non-logged in version of the link to the scrum was the key thing that got him involved. Perhaps we could adjust the phrasing for logged in users too, to get more in the scrums … I create a ticket for that:


but I have added “All Welcome! Discuss Any Project, Ask Any Question!” to the title of the events. Maybe I can just tweak that … or will this be enough?

by Sam Joseph