AV EcoSystem Review Big Picture

12 Oct 2017

big picture

Right, time to get back up to the big picture. What I’ve been meaning to do for a while is try and draw the flow of folks exposure to AgileVentures through to varying levels of engagement. I wanted to start by embedding some images of the ads we have served by Google, but first up they are taking me through a tutorial for their new site layout:

Maybe we need something similar to make AV.org more understandable, perhaps? Anyway, previously there was a “tools” menu in AdWords or something that is supposed to allow us to see what our ads look like. One might expect to see them when doing a search for keywords on Google, but we’re usually competing with so many other campaigns from other parties. That’s not usually reliable. I just tried and got distracted for 10 minutes checking out http://www.opencharityuk.org/ I can’t see our ads, and I can’t find the tools section in the new AdWords interface, but they did say some things weren’t available - so I go back to the old interface where I find the tool, but I get the usual, your ad not available for one reason or another:

I try for different regions, UK, SA, India. No joy. Now I saw Lara catch an ad and she did post it in the marketing Slack for me, and I think I even saved it, but for the life of me I can’t find it now. Five minutes of searching on Slack and I have it:

According to our Adwords dashboard we’re serving over 200,000 ads a month(?) with over 10,000 click throughs, mainly for ads like these:

where the message is “level up your coding skills”, and that settles my paranoia slightly that we’re only targeting novice coders. Although it would be great if we could be targeting folks who want to level up their “tech team skills”, their “agile development” and so on. What’s so frustrating about the AdWords interface is that I can’t easily see what the ads look like. Although actually this panel comes close:

Ah and then I can click through, okay …, so this ad was served 14.25% of the time (to those who are searching “open-source” and “developers”) - weird how it looks like a link to a sub page, but actually we just link to the top page

This ad served 31.85% of the time:

and most of the rest on the level up your coding skills. And we have an overview showing the number of conversions for each:

And these four ads are all being served as part of a campaign that has multiple keywords associated with it, but particularly “code”, “open source” and “[coding]”:

The new AdWords inteface is not making any of this much clearer. According to Google Analytics, a huge proportion of our click-throughs are coming from India and we don’t know why. Is that just a reflection of India’s large population being interested in Agile coding, or some settings artifact? In analytics I can’t even be sure if the majority of the Indian visitors are actually coming in through ads, or from some other source, and AdWords doesn’t seem to let me see the location of where click-throughs are coming through, frustrating.

Okay, so I push through to a breakdown of the Indian sub-continent and add “Source/Medium” as a secondary dimension, which makes it look like everyone there is coming in through Google ads, although I can’t be sure …

Now we could burn more time drilling into this, but I’m not feeling like, for all the AdWords we’ve served, we’ve converted many users to paying for Premium. We’re certainly getting sign ups for the main site, which is great for bulking out our mailing list, but far fewer are signing into Slack and becoming active. I’m out of time today, but so perhaps where I need to focus tomorrow is our different marketing channels:

1) Google Adwords 2) Twitter 3) Facebook 4) LinkedIn 5) Medium

and that flow through from one of (or other of) these sources to landing on our site and what the users sees - and whether we get them to the “getting started” page and get them activated … of course it’s all in vain if the site has serious performance issues …

by Sam Joseph