AV EcoSystem Review Sorting Premium F2F Page

29 Sep 2017

Blurgh, so I couldn’t sleep last night - too much late night under nines football admin coming up on whatsapp - new comedy album from Patton Oswalt put paid to an overactive brain and eventually I slept. I took my one day jogging pass. I try to jog every weekday morning, but I usually let myself off one day if I’m feeling run down. Got to the computer in reasonable time. Not feeling very perky. Could use a coffee - I’m at the end of my second week without coffee. Got totally distracted by Slack and ending up checking all email, twitter and facebook and fixing a few things up, but actually not too much to distract me, and I’m finally back to the blog face, where I’m thinking I will try to charge the Premium F2F page changes out of the way.

I start off by pushing the Premium Mob change PR up and getting it into the “Please Check” column:

And then I can open up a branch for ticket 1714 (Adjust Premium F2F page) to get that ticket off the ready column where it’s been languishing with me assigned to it. So the change in the wording we have in mind is as follows:

  • One hour of pair programming time with an AV Mentor on an AV project each month
  • Voting rights in AV general meetings

–> Related Questions

  • You want personalised individual support to improve your coding and pairing skills?
  • You want to influence the future direction of the AgileVentures charity?

from http://nonprofits.agileventures.org/2017/06/26/private-design-sprint-day-minus-one-blog/

and after a bit of HTML manipulation that’s done:

and pushing the backup of the HTML into a PR I get both the premium page updates in the “Please Check” column:

Now there’s just the rest of the board to clear up - I think next week I have to start fresh with a big review of what the priorities are for the whole ecosystem - although it would be lovely to tidy up that agilebot replacement spike …

by Sam Joseph