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AV EcoSystem Review No Good Choices

Dec 4

Urgh, so I’ve got a mild cold, but I desparately want to clear up and fix a few things with the Slack notifications. Also the Google login and signup is broken. However in addition I think I must use my morning blogs this week to work on the Anthony...

AV EcoSystem Review More WSO CleanUp

Dec 1


So running the cuke tests I get this one bit of extraneous output:

Encountered Error in get: 404 Resource Not Found: {"code":"route_not_found","kind":"error","error":"The path you requested has no valid endpoint."}

and of course huge dumps of VCR...

AV EcoSystem Review Prioritization Conflict

Nov 30


Blargh. Let’s get the latest fix deployed on WebSiteOne. Recently these blogs are little WebSiteOne admin activities and then the release process gets smeared out over the day. What would it be like to actually focus on a single project for a...

AV EcoSystem Review Getting Stuck

Nov 29

getting stuck

I’m getting a bit stuck. My motivation to clear things off my desk has completely collapsed. Today I did my social media station keeping before opening the blog. I’d love to get to the computer at 8am like I sometimes used to and get a real meaty...

AV EcoSystem Review Even More Hospitable

Nov 28


So, continuing to work from Nadia’s README template:

AgileVentures WebSiteOne

This Ruby on Rails app powers the AgileVentures main developer site, showing lists of active projects, members, upcoming events, past event recordings, as well as all...

AV EcoSystem Review Code Hospitality

Nov 27


Pairing with Marian over the weekend we managed to clear up the last piece of junk in the RSpec log, the deprecation warning about the event_repeats boolean column in the events table. It turned out that we could fix it simply by adjusting the specs...

AV EcoSystem Review Fixing Event Repeats

Nov 24


So the Semaphore CI was busy burning away yesterday as it re-ran all the different dependabot pull requests, and a few of them have gone green … and I can also now update the medium-editor PR to the base branch, which seemed to be blocked all day...

AV EcoSystem Review Sweeping Up

Nov 23


So confused about where to direct my efforts. Maybe it doesn’t matter? Maybe I should be avoiding code like Avdi Grimm? I’m going to start by trying to clear up all the dependabot PRs.

I just used my administrator privileges to merge in upgrades...

AV EcoSystem Review What The Hell Was I Doing?

Nov 22


Hmm, my intention had been to work on the Azure Jitsi setup this week, but the last two mornings were taken up with finishing the AgileVentures monthly report for the trustees. I did another quick bit of work on the main AgileVentures website to...

AV EcoSystem Review Completing Reports

Nov 21


Reports almost completed, just trying to summarise where we are with all the different Premium members. Trying also to reach out to check in with each of them. I was doing that weekly but have fallen behind. I’ve configured Stripe to ping a #mentor...

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