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AV EcoSystem Review Email Failings

Sep 7

So I think the main bleed in the AV ecosystem may now be some of the problems we are having with sending emails and them ending up in spam filters. Hold that thought for a moment and I’ll just do my node/mocha/chai athletic rep for the morning


AV EcoSystem Review Athletic Reps

Sep 6


So I’ve managed to get to the blog-face a little earlier today despite Slack/Twitter/Email distractions, but I’m going to stick to the adding tests flow that I started yesterday as a way of getting some athletic reps in on node testing. That said...

AV EcoSystem Review Adding NodeJS Tests

Sep 5

Argh, so I got distracted by Slack and blogging and twitter and even though I sat down at the computer at 9am it’s 10am. At least I got a few important emails and things out of the way (I think), but so after making a slew of changes to the Slack...

AV EcoSystem Review More Greetings

Sep 4

Got my jogging and podcasting/tweeting done this AM, but kids still off school, which means I’m late to the keyboard. Lots to do - low hanging fruit is probably other changes to the greeter bots. The change I rolled out on Friday seems to be working...

AV EcoSystem Review Greetings and Meetings

Sep 1


Set the alarm this morning but still a late start as all my boys wanted help with their codecombat programming challenges, and they’re still off school for the summer. Anyhow, there are several niggling things about the various greeter bots we have...

AV EcoSystem Review Behind Schedule

Aug 31


Woke up late, behind schedule. Kids are off school, so helping them with Japanese and coding homework in the morning can easily burn time. Feel like I’m crazily juggling private projects and catch up with all the AgileVentures projects. Reality...

AV EcoSystem Review One Step at a Time

Aug 30

one step duckling

Gablurgh … full day yesterday … slow start today. Let’s put the reviewing older posts and changes to the side for the moment and put down some more changes to the “Getting Started” page that we can review again in a month to see the effect. So...

AV EcoSystem Review Yak Shaving

Aug 29


Okay, I think I’m coming out of the jet-lag - still not sure things are making sense though, and there’s a lot of yak-shaving to get back to the workface. I wrote two AV ecosystem review pieces on Thursday and Friday last week and I have to refer...

AV EcoSystem Review Bounce Drop

Aug 25

bounce rate

Right, time to work out the difference between “bounce rate” and “drop off”. Maybe it’s the jetlag or just me getting old, but reading this article I’m not immediately getting it. Let’s dig in:

Bounce Rate is apparently the percentage of total...

AV EcoSystem Review Return

Aug 24


I’m back from my travels and it’s time to get back to work, jet-lagged or not. I was working on my travels but eschewed blogging and hangouts, as is my usual practice. My plan now back is to keep focusing on the AgileVentures “ecosystem”, by which...

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