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The pilot+copilot organizational pattern

Oct 2

pair flying

In 2002, I graduated a distance-learning masters in applied mathematics. Every month, the university mailed me an A4 enveloppe containing the course support. I was supposed to learn from the course material and returned the completed assignments...

Another free refill?

Sep 22

free refill

Earlier this year, I undertook a training session targeting small business manager to teach them how to improve profitability of business projects. The course instructor showed us a rather clear way to deal with profitabiliy. First, you estimate...

AV EcoSystem Review Bounce Drop

Aug 25

bounce rate

Right, time to work out the difference between “bounce rate” and “drop off”. Maybe it’s the jetlag or just me getting old, but reading this article I’m not immediately getting it. Let’s dig in:

Bounce Rate is apparently the percentage of total...

AV EcoSystem Review Return

Aug 24


I’m back from my travels and it’s time to get back to work, jet-lagged or not. I was working on my travels but eschewed blogging and hangouts, as is my usual practice. My plan now back is to keep focusing on the AgileVentures “ecosystem”, by which...

AV Website Review Part 12

Jul 20

So I’ll be taking a blogging/reviewing break for my Japan trip - perhaps I can get up to date pushing out some old blogs. Over the last couple of weeks of these “reviews” of the AV website (and associated ecosystem) I’ve managed to get some changes...

AV Website Review Part 11

Jul 19

So I’ve got some suggested channel greeter bot text from at least one project maintainer. I’m also running behind today, and I’m trying to get the websiteone sign up changes deployed … I checked that the recaptcha sign up works on staging, which it...

AV Website Review Part 10

Jul 18

So I think I should step away from the project greeting bots and just check the new sign up flow as it gets deployed. First thing is that I need reCaptcha keys on the heroku servers:

Fixing that gives us the new reCaptcha sign up page:


AV Website Review Part 8

Jul 17

times up

So no one joined the LocalSupport channel over the weekend and thus there’s no immediate chance to see the new project greeting bot in action. Other project maintainers have come back to me with mixed responses. Some enthusiastic, some more cautious...

AV Website Review Part 9

Jul 14


So the discussion in marketing was about adding a time limit to the message about the Premium Mob special offer, and any changes can now be submitted as a pull request. There also seemed to be general agreement that we should avoid bots doing the...

AV Website Review Part 7

Jul 13

So overnight some new folks signed up for the AgileVentures slack. It seems like the greeter bot on Azure/Dokku has succesfully greeted a handful of new members, so I’ve turned off the greeter bot on EC2 and shut down the instance, which should save...

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