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AV EcoSystem Review Back To Premium Analysis

Dec 17

premium stats back

So there’s feedback from the APSoc client, and clearly some more work to do on the LibreOffice Base application, but I don’t think I can delay a review of the AV Premium members. I used to be doing weekly reach outs, but with the new pairing and...

AV EcoSystem Review Recording Help Videos

Dec 15

camera recording

So I must be several weeks (months even?) and several layers of procrastination out from actually reviewing the AV ecosystem, since I’m pretty much using my blogging time to get focused work done on client projects and our main website project management...

AV EcoSystem Review LibreOffice Locking Up

Dec 14


Creating the new forms on the PC seems to be leading to lots of LibreOffice locking up …, and now in the process of trying to transfer it back to the Mac I seem to have lost two days worth of work, argh! I had set the PC system on auto-save to every...

AV EcoSystem Review Client Project Focus

Dec 13


So despite pushing out fresh code all the dokku/azure bots still appear to be offline. Would love to fix that, but yet I feel I should prioritize the client work. I guess I can restart the dokku containers. Has something in azure changed, blocking...

AV EcoSystem Review Old School

Dec 12


I’m in the second week of a cold - I think it’s getting better, but I suspect that not resting properly last week is causing it to drag out for a second. Totally distracted by Slack and Email this AM, but there we go. At least I have my PC set up...

AV EcoSystem Review Client Feedback

Dec 11

client feedback

I got out a screenshot of the main APSoc LibreOffice Base Member Information form to the client late Friday, and over the weekend they’ve given me very detailed feedback on changes they want to the form. Agile is all about providing working software...

AV EcoSystem Review Paid Project on Schedule

Dec 8

project management

So I’ve told the APSoc that I’d send them mockups of the interfaces today. I’m getting used to LibreOffice, e.g. leave the control panel open to more easily edit labels etc. It’s still painfully slow, and I’ve now realised that to speed up I need...

AV EcoSystem Review Old School Progress

Dec 7


So I’m pretty far from reviewing the AV ecosystem here. I’m devoting my blog driven development this week to making progress on the Anthony Powell Society membership database. It’s old school in that I’m using LibreOffice Base, which is an open...

AV EcoSystem Review Crawling Along

Dec 6


Well I think I’ve forged a reasonable anxiety management strategy with the following schedule for the Anthony Powell Membership database:

  • by Dec 8th - screenshots of membership database interface for you to approve
  • by Dec 15th - alpha version of...

AV EcoSystem Review Easily Distracted When Sick

Dec 5


So I didn’t get far with the Anthony Powell work yesterday, but I did at least get all the software running and get my head back into the problem space. That was enough to take the edge off my anxiety about getting it started early. I’m also onboarding...

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