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The pilot+copilot organizational pattern

Oct 2

pair flying

In 2002, I graduated a distance-learning masters in applied mathematics. Every month, the university mailed me an A4 enveloppe containing the course support. I was supposed to learn from the course material and returned the completed assignments...

Another free refill?

Sep 22

free refill

Earlier this year, I undertook a training session targeting small business manager to teach them how to improve profitability of business projects. The course instructor showed us a rather clear way to deal with profitabiliy. First, you estimate...

AV EcoSystem Review Gem Polishing

Sep 19

diamond polisher

So I’m on the train into london for a meeting with the NHS, but unlike in my last year of blogging it’s not time to agonize about how everything’s going, but time to focus on finishing up this feature for multiple project repositories. Yesterday...

AV EcoSystem Review Inspecting Gems

Sep 18


So my AV ecosystem reviews are getting further afield. Here I am inspecting different gems for the purpose of completing a feature to support multiple project repositories. What are the goals of this ongoing review? It’s to focus my blogging power...

AV EcoSystem Review Digging into the Multiple Project Repos

Sep 15


So, struggling through tears for my father (just listened to a >Code episode on mental health) I’m bringing myself to focus on continuing this user rerequest feature about multiple repos for AV projects. Let’s warm up by making sure all our local...

AV EcoSystem Review Clearing Waffle

Sep 14


So I woke at 4am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I lay with my thoughts for 90 minutes before I couldn’t bear it any longer and put on audio comedy from Christopher Titus. Painful thoughts about kids football and tangled electron apps...

AV EcoSystem Review Clearing the Backlog

Sep 13


So I’m calling this clearing the backlog, but argh, I want to start on that new coding ticket rather than the older content ones in the WebSiteOne waffle board. My heuristics for board review are check the “Please Check” tickets. There I have a...

AV EcoSystem Review Email What Next

Sep 12

whats next

So I’ve looked back at my list from yesterday as I tried to work out how to start the week:

1) review the process of people coming in from adwords
2) fix the email SPF setting
3) more work on greeter bots
4) search for other areas of ecosystem that...

AV EcoSystem Review Email Fixes and Directions

Sep 11


So I’m conflicted - what direction next? On the table are:

1) review the process of people coming in from adwords
2) fix the email SPF setting
3) more work on greeter bots
4) search for other areas of ecosystem that are blocked up
5) preparing...

AV EcoSystem Review Email Fix

Sep 8


So, following my blog and email of yesterday I got the following response from Gandi:

Normally, it is the recipient’s email server rules that play to deliver the message to the recipient’s box.

To decrease the chance to be considered as spam by...

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