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All in One Day

May 9

four seasons

So I’m struggling with what each blog should be. Should it be a focused dive on one thing? Should I be trying to cover everything that happened since the last blog? Yesterday was pretty intense. I could spend the whole blog on the AV community...

Rich Tapestry

May 8


My brain was grabbling at titles for the blog/branch–“webs we weave”, “elephants all the way down”. After nearly a year of blogging there’s a haze about which expressions I’ve used already and how well they express what I’ll end up blogging about...

Breathing Room

May 5


I felt like I was in a bit of pressure cooker yesterday with so many different tasks piling up. I’ve managed to relieve the pressure slighlty by requesting that the start date of the edX MOOC get put back by a week. UCBerkeley and edX seem just...

The Harder I Try

May 4

dream catcher

Sometimes it feels like my life is one of those dreams where you’re running as hard as you can, but you’re not moving forward. Yesterday I fixed two sticky technical issues that have been bugging us for a while, I got out an updated video for the...

One Step Forward

May 3


So I got distracted by Slack and email again this morning. Wanting to post my last podcast listen into #avcommunitytalk I ended up replying to freerangers last post. At least today I think I was calmer, and there wasn’t so much to catch up with...

Distracted Operations

May 2


So I’m getting to the blog phase late today. I had a backlog of a couple of podcasts to tweet, but one of them seemed particularly relevant to the discussion going on in #avcommunitytalk. I’d been keeping myself away from the discussion in order...

Bringing It All Together

Apr 28


The last two days have been blog driven NHS wiki flurries in the morning followed by mobbing and AgileVenturing in the afternoon. In the Elixir mob on Wednesday we made further headway into Phoenix and I really start to question whether we’ve all...

More MediaWiki

Apr 27


So the zone file propagated and we can now access our bitnami/azure instance at MyWikis support got back to me having fixed their VisualEditor which is now working for me on my Mac. That means that MyWikis might...


Apr 26


Having estsablished that MediaWiki’s default and visual editors both worked smoothly on the NHS laptops on the NHS intranet, it seemed pretty much wrapped up that we’d be using MediaWiki for the NHS Social Prescribing project. The question then...

End of the Line

Apr 25

end of the line

Today is April 25th, the day that Google shuts down its Hangout API. We’ve been watching this coming for several months, with Google enterprise support hinting at a replacement. Yesterday (April 24th) all the hangout apps stopped functioning and...

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